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"5 Tips for Finding Amazing Stock Picks" by Martha Stokes CMT

How to Use The Balance Of Power Indicator

Beginners and novice traders and at times even experienced traders always ask the same question, “How do I find ideal stock picks quickly for Swing, Day, or Position trading?”

1. It starts with using the most important indicators, which are less than 5% that all traders are currently using. Sure price is important, but nowadays with most orders traded off the exchanges and where most giant lot orders do not move price, just using MACD by itself is not enough.

2. There is a powerful indicator that most traders have never heard of that gives vital information about who is buying and who is selling BEFORE price moves up.  This indicator is able to separate out the larger lots which are the giant institutions trading on Dark Pools, from the smaller lots which are typically the less informed and uninformed retail crowd. Most of the time retail traders use news, gurus, recommendations or StockTwits to trade. What this means is they are getting in LAST, rather than buying WITH the Giant Funds who are the most dominant force for price in the market.

3. The indicator that most traders are not using, but should be using is called Balance Of Power BOP. It is an indicator that is based on a histogram like the Volume indicator, and is easy to understand based on the size of the bars, colors of the bars, and relationship to price.

4. Can you tell when a stock is bottoming before it moves up with momentum? You will when you use Balance Of Power along with MACD to get into stocks early, before High Frequency Traders HFTs run price up many points or gap it up.   

5. Can you tell when a stock is topping? You will when you incorporate Balance Of Power with your other indicators, so that you can see well in advance that Dark Pool giant lots are selling the stock EVEN WHILE IT MOVES UP. When traders add this one easy to learn and use indicator to their indicator tool kit their ability to find great stocks to trade becomes simple, easy, and reliable.

Learn more about the Balance Of Power indicator, and the upcoming TechniTrader NEW Balance Of Power Indicator Study Course online which will only be offered once a year beginning July 8th, 2015 with registration date extended until July 14th by popular demand!


Trade Wisely,

Martha Stokes CMT

Chartered Market Technician
Instructor and Developer of TechniTrader Stock & Option Market Courses

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 by Martha Stokes CMT

PROACTIVE ADVISOR MAGAZINE exclusive article by Martha Stokes CMT online

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