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TechniTrader Training App for any mobile device! 

You know you can watch the WORLD CUP live on iPhone or iPad...well, now you
can watch investing education the same way with the TechniTrader Training
App on any mobile device! 


The TechniTrader app provides e-learning materials on investing and trading in the stock market and options market. Read articles, watch videos, and learn the building blocks of successful trading. Enjoy a large library of blog articles, radio show archives, stock reviews, educational videos, and connect with TechniTrader for more learning opportunities.

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Next "FLIP Study Group" for TechniTrader® Students begins July 8, 2014

          FLIP Study Group for TechniTrader® Students

Join us on Tuesday July 8, 2014 for this month’s study group. All levels of experience are welcome.

Do you want some hands-on practice & feedback on your stock analysis? This study group is designed to provide a casual guided forum for TechniTrader Students to share stock analysis, fundamental research, questions, and ideas among peers. It is held at the TechniTrader® Stock Blog over 3 weeks each month. Drop in any time! Mele from the Guidance Team, facilitates the discussion and is available to answer questions. 

In order to participate you must:

  • Have completed the entire Methodology Essentials ME10 course.
  • Receive the Friday Daily Market Educator or Position Trader Weekly.

Contact to sign up or go to any “Ask Adrienne” on this blog and send her an email. 

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“Option Analysis Meets Stock Analysis” Free Webinar for active Options Traders June 21, 2014

             "Option Analysis Meets Stock Analysis

                                           Saturday June 21, 2014

                                                  9:00 -11:00am PDT

TechniTrader is hosting a free webinar for Options traders 

                    Martha Stokes CMT of TechniTrader


                                 Catherine Clay of Livevol                                                                      an Options trading platform

Together presenting a complete approach to stock option trading.

This is a unique opportunity to learn from 2 professionals of the industry a chartered market technician and a former market-maker!

Register here: 

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Launch the June 2014 Issue of Technically Speaking

                        "The Nine Faces of the Stock Market"

                             by Martha Stokes CMT on Pg 20

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TRADESTATION Training with Martha Stokes CMT on June 7, 2014 in Bellevue, WA

You’re invited to a day of free trading education presented by TradeStation, featuring three dynamic speakers. We’ll meet in Bellevue, Washington, on Saturday, June 7, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Coffee break sponsored by Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities Magazine.

Please join us for presentations by these noted guest speakers:


1. “How to Exploit High-Frequency Trading”

Martha Stokes CMT is the co-founder and CEO of TechniTrader® an educational firm dedicated to helping retail traders and independent investors. Martha will discuss High-Frequency Traders HFTs, and their trading strategies, order front running, technical patterns and more, including:


How to identify where HFTs are looking, and how to trade their price runs and gap price action


How to avoid being caught up in “cluster order flow”


What dark pools are and how they hide their activity from HFTs.

Martha’s presentation will include classroom exercises as part of the training.


2. “Chart Pattern-Recognition Tools in TradeStation”

Suri Dudella ( is a well-known writer and lecturer on the practical applications of chart patterns, an essential yet often overlooked area of technical analysis. Among the topics Suri will cover:


Identifying key chart patterns like head and shoulders


Pattern trading methods with precise entry and exit rules


Pattern analysis tools and filters for optimal pattern trading


Examples of chart patterns and tools in TradeStation.


3. “Candidate Selection: Finding the Symbols That Fit Your Trading Style”

Stanley Dash is Vice-President of Applied Technical Analysis at TradeStation. Stan will demonstrate:


How stock and ETF traders can use their trading style or strategy – trending or intra-day volatility, leaders or laggards, etc. – to determine which symbols to trade


How to scan the markets for the symbols most likely to offer the opportunities you seek


How to measure intra-day price movement on individual symbols and relative to others, using range to gauge volatility over time, and how to quickly identify leading and lagging sectors in real time.


If you are interested in attending, please RSVP here

John Bullock
Director of Business Development


Local (954) 652-7430

UK Phone: (0808) 234-1049 x 7430

Fax: (954) 652-5430


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