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Open Forum Webinar – FIRST EVER!

Join us on Wednesday September 2, 2015 at 4:30-5:30pm PDT for a live Open Forum Webinar training session featuring Martha Stokes CMT.

YOU will get to ask Martha Stokes CMT to analyze one Stock, Exchange Traded Fund ETF, or Index of your choice for a full live analysis during this event.

Martha Stokes CMT will provide attendees with a complete detailed analysis of the recent Dow crash, why it happened, what it means for traders, and how to prepare for the fall trading activity.

This is your chance to learn what is really going on with the Stock Market, whether this is a Bear Market or just a temporary Market Correction, and how to take advantage of the big moves.

This is a FIRST TIME EVENT. Don’t miss it!

Click on image button to Register at

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Why Selling Short is Legal 

Many people wonder why selling short is legal. Why is it that some Wall Street guys sell stocks short and make a ton of money off the innocent Independent Investors? Why is selling short allowed at all?

Why selling short is legal has to do with supply and demand. Just like any business, companies that offer stock have a finite amount of inventory–shares of their stock. All publicly traded companies have a set amount of outstanding shares that are available to trade among the general public. The total number of outstanding shares of any stock is determined by the company itself and NOT the stock market. When a company goes public, which is when they have their Initial Public Offering IPO debut, they decide how many shares they will offer to the public. These shares are then sold to an underwriter, which is usually an investment bank. It resells the shares first to their preferred customers, and then the rest are offered out to the public on the day the stock IPOs.

See a list of ways total number of outstanding shares of stock for a company might change, how Supply and Demand in the stock market works, how Selling Short maintains market liquidity, a little history on Bear Markets, and why a strong Stock Market needs Selling Short on my main website here:

Access to “The Definitive Guide To Market Corrections” Course Information, and Sign Up to download Course Content on my main website here:

To get started Trading or Investing begin here on my main website:


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The Definitive Guide to Market Corrections 

A Course for How to Sell Short Stocks & Navigate a Bear Market

The Definitive Guide to Market Corrections is the only course available anywhere that covers the entire spectrum of how the market trends down. It includes both how to sell short stocks for quick profits during a Downtrend, and also understanding the signals that lead into and out of a Market Correction or Bear Market.

In the pursuit of “Buying low and Selling high” in the Stock Market, Independent Investors need a thorough education not only regarding Indicator signals that reveal a market is likely to move up, but also Indicator signals that reveal it is likely to move down into a Market Correction.

See a list of what you will learn, who will benefit from this course, and what the intent was of the Author. In addition you can Sign Up to download Course Content on my main website here:

For Trading & Investing get started on my main website here:

For Trading & Investing get started on my main website here: 


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Student Mentoring Session set for Wednesday August 19, 2015 

                            TechniTrader Student Mentoring Session

                                      Wednesday August 19, 2015

                            1:30pm - 2:30pm PST / 4:30-5:30pm EST

                  Analysis of the Current Market Condition & How to Trade It

In this 1-hour online training session, Martha Stokes CMT will demonstrate her analysis of the current market condition and suggest the best techniques for trading it profitably. She will study stocks from the TechniTrader scans, from her own watchlist and the requests of attendees.

Experience first-hand the power of Relational Analysis™ in this online training event  by TechniTrader.

Time will be allowed for attendees to submit stock analysis requests and questions during the hour.

Live Mentoring Sessions are always recorded and provided to all registrants via email after the live event.

Contact us to attend.  888-846-5577  |

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