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TechniTrader Black Friday 

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Trader article on BOP Indicator by Martha Stokes CMT

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"TTStudent Study Group" formerly known as "FLIP Study Group" for TechniTrader® Students begins November 6, 2014

          TT Student Study Group for TechniTrader® Students

Join us on Thursday November 6, 2014 for this month’s group. All levels of experience are welcome.

Do you want some hands-on practice & feedback on your stock analysis? This study group is designed to provide a casual guided forum for TechniTrader Students to share stock analysis, fundamental research, questions, and ideas among peers. It is held at the TechniTrader® Stock Blog over 3 weeks each month. Drop in any time! Mele from the Guidance Team, facilitates the discussion and is available to answer questions. 

In order to participate you must:

  • Have completed the entire Methodology Essentials ME10 course.
  • Receive the Friday Daily Market Educator or Position Trader Weekly.

Contact to sign up or go to any “Ask Adrienne” on this blog and send her an email. 

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IBTimes interviews Martha Stokes CMT regarding Alibaba (NYSE:BABA) Long Term

Meanwhile, Martha Stokes, chartered market technician and chief executive officer of TechniTrader, is concerned about Alibaba’s growth in the long-term.

“Alibaba has been growing exponentially, and that’s a big red flag,” Stokes said to IBTimes. “How far can it go before it has reached market saturation? Also, China’s GDP has been on a steady decline for several years and you have an aging population. There are some huge issues as to whether Alibaba can continue to grow exponentially,” Stokes added. “But is the party already over before it gets out there?”

As China's population ages, an inverted pyramid is beginning to develop where there will eventually be more people over the age of 50 than under. Stokes said too few workers might be left supporting retirees.

“This means the consumer based economy will deteriorate because older people don’t buy products like younger people,” Stokes added. “Unless you have a younger population that’s significantly larger like India, you can’t have the exponential growth that you see in Alibaba right now. China is expected to invert in a few years.”


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TechniTrader® Special Events - YouTube Stock Market Training Videos

Martha Stokes CMT

View TechniTrader® Stock Market Training videos on YouTube with a wide variety of subjects at no cost.  Sample what our training is like.

Here is the link: TechniTrader® on YouTube

If you have any questions go to "Ask Adrienne" and send me an email.

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